Privacy Policy


The privacy policy is subject to the protection of personal data by international laws and regulations, taking into account laws related to the protection of natural persons in the processing of personal data.

Definition and Nature of Personal Data:

When using the Al Awwal Cleaning application, we may request that you provide us with personal data about yourself. The term "personal data" refers to all data that makes it possible to identify an individual, especially including your full name, store name, state name, email address, phone number, data related to your transactions in the application provided by the Al Awwal Cleaning platform, details of your subscriptions, information about your device including device type and operating system version.

Purpose of this Charter:

The purpose of this Charter is to inform you of the means we apply to collect your personal data, in strict respect for your rights and in accordance with the laws mentioned in the introduction of this Charter.

Data Collector Identity:

The person responsible for collecting your personal data is Al Awwal Cleaning.

Email Address:

Customer Support: +905063999555

Purpose of Collecting Personal Data:

Sensitive permissions:

Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations

We will inform you when collecting your personal data whether certain data must be provided or is optional. We will also inform you of the possible consequences of non-respons.

Data Recipients:

Authorized Al Awwal Cleaning application personnel responsible for data processing may have access to your data for the purposes mentioned above in Article 4 of this Charter. Public authorities may also be recipients of your personal data exclusively to fulfill their legal obligations.

Transfer of Personal Data:

Your personal data is not transferred for free or for payment to any third party.

Retention Period for Personal Data:

Data that can prove a right or contract, which must be retained to comply with a legal obligation, will be retained for the period stipulated by applicable law.


We inform you of taking all useful precautions and appropriate organizational and technical measures to maintain the security, safety, and confidentiality of your personal data and, in particular, to prevent it from being distorted, damaged, or accessed by unauthorized third parties.


When you choose to provide your personal data, you explicitly grant your consent to Al Awwal Cleaning to collect and use it in accordance with what is stipulated in this Charter and the applicable legislation. You explicitly grant your consent to the company when creating your profile on the Al Awwal Cleaning application to transfer your email to one of its suppliers. You also give your explicit consent to receive any notifications, alerts, text messages, or emails from the Al Awwal Cleaning application. If you no longer wish to receive email notifications or text messages from us, simply notify Al Awwal Cleaning by sending an email to the following address:

Right to File a Complaint with the Regulatory Authority:

You are informed of your right to file a complaint with the regulatory authority regarding any violation of the processing of personal data.

Access to Your Personal Data:

We inform you that you have the right to access, and if necessary, correct or delete data related to you by contacting the following addresses:

Email Address:

It should be noted that any person may, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of data concerning them.


We reserve the right to amend this Charter without violating applicable laws. These changes will take effect as of the publication of the new Charter. Your use of the application after the implementation of these changes will constitute acknowledgment and acceptance of the new Charter. If this new Charter does not suit you, you will no longer be required to access the application.

Effective Date:

This Charter came into effect on the date of its publication on the Al Awwal Cleaning application.

January 2023.